Kizito Mihigo

"After the war and the genocide against tutsis of 1994, our country Rwanda is resurrecting. I am a catholic christian artist, genocide survivor, I love my country and I am among those who have dedicated their lives to healing and rebuilding our country. The objectif of my works is to console, and strengthen the wounded hearts. I sing peace, repentence and forgiveness, I launch a call to conversion and to reconciliation. I will always be there, to arouse in the hearts of Rwandans and of all people who know me, the nostalgia for that lost paradise. Thus, Rwanda could become a witness of hope for all mankind".

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are welcome to Kizito Mihigo’s official website. The rwandan musician is called Artist of God, because of his activities for Mercy and Reconciliation. Organist, singer, author and composer, he is qualified by the Conservatory of Music, Paris – France.

It is now eighteen years since the Rwandan war and genocide, a Genocide in which more than a million rwandan citizens were robbed of their lives by their fellow citizens. Naturally, we are still carrying profound scars from that dark period in our country’s history.  

We are nonetheless determined to continue living together, doing all that we can to facilitate the healing and the re-building of our society in all areas by using our individual skills, talents and diverse areas of expertise.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we would like to share with you not only his story and his works, but also his thoughts which we hope will be a very simple way of meeting God in our daily lives and a testimony to his love for us.

We welcome you once again to Kizito Mihigo’s official website, a site which was built especially for you.

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